A Place to Knit: Jumper 16

So, this is the end of the project. I feel quite sad to be finishing, it’s been great fun and a wonderful challenge. I made this patchwork design to use up the ends of the yarns; not quite enough of any single shade to make the last jumper, so a mix of all of them.Continue reading “A Place to Knit: Jumper 16”

A Place to Sleep: Jumper 15

Snuffles has a blanket in the kitchen. Snuffles has a box in the hall.Snuffles can sleep on the sagging old sofa,tightly curled up like a ball. No Cats allowed in the knitting.No cats sleeping on the bed.Take Snuffles out of the laundry bagand put him somewhere else instead. The blanket is too cold and soggyfromContinue reading “A Place to Sleep: Jumper 15”

Hey, Look!

Jumpers 13 and 14 Hey, look! We’re the same!Yes, two read jumpers. Matching!But yours has holes……and yours has bobbles.Did you cut the holes? No. It was a tiger. He jumped out on me on the way to school and tried to eat me up. But I twisted and turned so fast he couldn’t hold meContinue reading “Hey, Look!”

A Jungle Holiday

A holiday would do us all good, they said.Why not go somewhere new? A change is as good as a rest. Recharge your batteries. Monty had always wanted to go to The Conservatory; maybe stay near the The Pond and do some swimming. We could relax in the tropical heat, climb up to The WindowsillContinue reading “A Jungle Holiday”

Jumper 11: Sea Mouse

A mouse went to sea on a raft,To practice his seafaring craft.He knitted a sweater,Which helped him sail better,When tied to the mast fore and aft. This jumper was brought to you by Hannah Sanguinetti, working with: Malabrigo Sock yarn in Ravelry Red, 4mm double-pointed needles, paper collage, ink and brush. I am lucky enoughContinue reading “Jumper 11: Sea Mouse”

Double Trouble

This image for me was just as described, ‘double trouble.’ It also came about through a series of highs and lows; successes and failures. Initially, I came up with the idea of running jumpers 9 and 10 together because life had left me one jumper behind schedule. ‘Why not make a matching pair’? I thought.Continue reading “Double Trouble”

A Vampire’s Dilemma

I do apologise for disturbing you but I wonder if I might request your assistance? It is but a small matter I assure you, and will take only a moment. You see, I have a dilemma. I have heard that capes and cloaks are becoming a thing of the past; knitwear is the way forwardContinue reading “A Vampire’s Dilemma”

WANTED: Have you seen this penguin?

This afternoon, during the popular Penguin Parade at Edinburgh Zoo, an Adelie penguin escaped from her keepers’ care. The penguin, known as ‘Petra’, made a mad dash through the line of onlookers and stole a red knitted Fair Isle vest from the bottom of a push chair. Petra was then lost in the crowd andContinue reading “WANTED: Have you seen this penguin?”

Red Box Jumper 6: Fisherman’s Rib

One, two, three, four, five Once I caught a boy alive. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten Then I let him go again. Why did I let him go?Because I loved his jumper so. A fishermans’ rib caught on the line.Finders keepers: now it’s mine. This jumper was brought to you by Hannah Sanguinetti, working with;Continue reading “Red Box Jumper 6: Fisherman’s Rib”

Red Box Jumper 5: Poncho Mamma

I carried all of my babies. I loved it. It felt right to have them so close and so cosy; reassuringly safe yet out of the way both at the same time. Having a carrying sling gave me back the use of my hands and arms without the sacrifice of putting my baby down. It’sContinue reading “Red Box Jumper 5: Poncho Mamma”