A Place to Knit: Jumper 16

So, this is the end of the project. I feel quite sad to be finishing, it’s been great fun and a wonderful challenge.

I made this patchwork design to use up the ends of the yarns; not quite enough of any single shade to make the last jumper, so a mix of all of them. Looking back over each design I remember where I worked on them, comments from friends, colleagues and followers, and late nights keeping up with the schedule. This jumper, too is a patchwork of memories. Knitting at home, in my children’s music lessons, concerts, diving classes, the school yard, cafes, airports, beaches, Scotland, Italy.

“Which number are you on now?”

“I liked your story for numbers 9 and 10, my teenager solves my technical problems too.”

“Morning Chris, how was your day off? I’ve brought you the next jumper. A latte would be lovely, thanks”

“Hey, Hannah. I had number 7 with my coffee this morning.”

“What are you knitting? Really? For beer bottles?”

“A friend of one of your friends came in this morning looking for your jumpers, she’s sat just around the corner hoping to meet you.”

“We had number 6 on our table and Maxim knocked over his hot chocolate. It went all over the colouring things, down his front, on the floor (the dog licked it up), but at least the red jumper escaped the flood.”

“You mean they’re just left there? On the Tables? Somebody will steal one.”
“No, not here. This is Marchmont.”

Little pieces of story woven through the fabric of a welcoming, bustling cafe; a wonderful community project for a wonderful community. Thank you Red Box, thank you Marchmont, and thank you reader.

This jumper was brought to you by Hannah Sanguinetti, working with all the yarns used in this project, 4mm double-pointed needles, paper collage, ink and pencil.

I am lucky enough to have a fantastic yarn shop on my road, Be Inspired Fibres, and this acts as my extended yarn stash. All of my yarn for this project is sourced from this beautiful shop.

You can go and see these jumpers as of TODAY on display as table-number bottles in Red Box Coffee, 2-6 Spottiswoode Rd, Edinburgh EH9 1BQ.

Published by Hannah Sanguinetti

I am a author/illustrator of children's books and a dollmaker living and working in Trieste, Italy.

2 thoughts on “A Place to Knit: Jumper 16

  1. I’ve enjoyed this project too Hannah, I wish I could come to Edinburgh and see the in person. It’s only now I realise there was more than one shade of red! Thank you for sharing it. Susie x


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