A Vampire’s Dilemma

I do apologise for disturbing you but I wonder if I might request your assistance? It is but a small matter I assure you, and will take only a moment.

You see, I have a dilemma. I have heard that capes and cloaks are becoming a thing of the past; knitwear is the way forward they say. I am open to change, within reason of course, and my Mother has kindly helped me out my making me this delightful tunic. But herein lies the problem. My Mother insists that I look truly remarkable, and although she is probably right, she is nonetheless my Mother. I cannot tell for myself because, as you will appreciate, I have little success with mirrors.

I was hoping to ask you: you seem genuinely eager to assist. The look I am after has flair, is devil-may-care, even debonair.

So, think carefully about your situation here and tell me honestly. How do I look?

This jumper was brought to you by Hannah Sanguinetti, working with: Orkney Yarn from Hammerbrake Farm, Orkney, Malabrigo Sock yarn in Ravelry Red, 4mm double-pointed needles, paper collage, ink and pencil.

The design for this tunic was inspired by Woolly Wormhead‘s totally fantastic hat pattern ‘Toph‘. I knitted one of these hats for my son (can you see it in my Instagram feed?) and enjoyed the short row shaping so much that I thought I’d use it here too. If you’re a knitter, I strongly recommend Woolly Wormhead’s hat patterns, they’re extremely well designed, very beautiful and great fun to knit.

I am lucky enough to have a fantastic yarn shop on my road, Be Inspired Fibres, and this acts as my extended yarn stash. All of my yarn for this project is sourced from this beautiful shop. For those of you who don’t have a yarn shop near by, why don’t you come to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival this March? There is more yarn than you can possibly imagine, and you could pop in to Red Box and take a look at my red jumpers too.

You can go and see this jumper as of TODAY on display as a table-number bottle in Red Box Coffee, 2-6 Spottiswoode Rd, Edinburgh EH9 1BQ. And if you can’t see it out, ask the staff!

Published by Hannah Sanguinetti

I am a author/illustrator of children's books and a dollmaker living and working in Trieste, Italy.

3 thoughts on “A Vampire’s Dilemma

  1. Hannah this is fantastic, l really enjoyed the story, so many vampire touches. Great. Can’t see your Instagram photo of the hat, l’ve closed it as l’ve been hacked , could you send me a photo please. Mum xxx


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