Red Box Jumper 2: Hoody

Little Red Riding Hood, late for school, but knows he should be taking breakfast to his Gran, so goes the fastest way he can.

Careful to avoid the street, the swerving cars and running feet. The rooftops are the place to be: clear and empty, fast and free.

But Little Red should take more care when packing bags; he’s unaware with every jump and turn, he throws the breakfast food to Fox and Crows.

“The thought was there,” says Gran to Red, “let’s have breakfast out instead. Leave the toast for Crows and Fox, we’ll eat pancakes at Red Box.”

Red Box Jumper Number 2: The Hoody

This jumper was brought to you by Hannah Sanguinetti, working with: John Arbon Knit by Numbers merino double knit in shade KBN 19 on 4mm double-pointed needles, monoprinted paper collage, pen and pencil.

I am lucky enough to have a fantastic yarn shop on my road, Be Inspired Fibres, and this acts as my extended yarn stash. All of my yarn for this project is sourced from this beautiful shop. For those of you who don’t have a yarn shop near by, why don’t you come to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival this March? There is more yarn than you can possibly imagine, and you could pop in to Red Box and take a look at my red jumpers too.

With thanks to the wonderful Ravelry online knitting and crochet community, my choice of yarn here is dedicated to you all.

You can go and see this jumper as of TODAY on display as a table-number bottle in Red Box Coffee, 2-6 Spottiswoode Rd, Edinburgh EH9 1BQ. And if you can’t see it out, ask the staff!

SAFETY NOTICE: This is just a story. Neither Hannah Sanguinetti nor Red Box are suggesting that you should skateboard on the roofs of houses. It is in fact extremely dangerous.

Published by Hannah Sanguinetti

I am a author/illustrator of children's books and a dollmaker living and working in Trieste, Italy.

4 thoughts on “Red Box Jumper 2: Hoody

    1. Thankyou. Yes, the jumpers have numbers on the back to act as the table numbers. Maybe a should show a photo of the numbers too.


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