Red Box Jumper 1: Cable Pattern

Cable. Strong and stable. A sign of the times. Who even wears cable-knit jumpers now anyway? Oh yes, the tourists buy them from those fancy-looking shops. But even those are machine made more often than not. Poor workmanship too. Strong and stable my foot.

Well, I made this one, and it’s the warmest jumper I’ve got. I like the springy feel to the texture, and the bits where I lost concentration and cabled the wrong way. I noticed too late the change this made to the pattern; an arch where there should be a twist. It was too much work to unravel everything and do it again, so I left the mistakes. Arches among twists, rainbows among rivers.

I’ve never told anyone that I made this jumper. I don’t look like a knitter. I see a little group of ladies knitting in here sometimes, with their coffee, all friendly. Maybe one day I’ll ask them if I can sit and knit with them too.

We could talk about patterns. And share yarns.

They might say yes.

Red Box Jumper Number 1: The Cable Pattern

This jumper was brought to you by Hannah Sanguinetti, working with: Malabrigo Sock yarn in Ravelry Red 611 on 3.25 and 3.00mm double-pointed needles, monoprinted paper collage, pen and pencil.

I am lucky enough to have a fantastic yarn shop on my road, Be Inspired Fibres, and this acts as my extended yarn stash. All of my yarn for this project is sourced from this beautiful shop. For those of you who don’t have a yarn shop near by, why don’t you come to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival this March? There is more yarn than you can possibly imagine, and you could pop in to Red Box and take a look at my red jumpers too.

With thanks to the wonderful Ravelry online knitting and crochet community, my choice of yarn here is dedicated to you all.

You can go and see this jumper as of TODAY on display as a table-number bottle in Red Box Coffee, 2-6 Spottiswoode Rd, Edinburgh EH9 1BQ. And if you can’t see it out, ask the staff!

Red Box Jumper Project

A new project is beginning! This one combines many elements that are important to me: knitting, community, story and coffee.

Our local cafe, Red Box Coffee, decided that it wanted some new table-number signs to give to customers when they ordered at the counter. I have been meeting with friends to knit together over coffee in Red Box for years now, so I was delighted when they asked me about their new table number plan. Would I be able to knit 16 small red jumpers with white numbers on them to fit on the beer bottles?

To me this was not only a local and rather entertaining comission, it was also an opportunity to practise my design, illustration and story-telling skills all in one go. Each jumper will be a different design, each will have it’s own tale to tell and each will be modelled by a different character. How much fun is that?

So here we go. I have my project basket ready with a selection of red yarn, my notions and needles, and of course an empty beer bottle to dress. Each design and story will be posted here in my blog, two per week for the next eight weeks. The original jumpers themselves will appear on bottles in Red Box cafe, working hard to unite you and your coffee order. Why not follow us along the journey? It’s going to be a blast.