The flexibility to work on a variety of projects is something that I really enjoy and value about my creative work. I might be focusing on drawing and writing one month, then illustrating with textiles the next. Here is just a taste of the projects I have recently been involved with, and links to further pages if you want to read more.

The Red Box Jumper project was a wonderful combination of knitting, drawing and writing for my local coffee shop. I made 16 red, numbered jumpers to fit on the empty beer bottles used as order numbers. For each jumper I also made an illustration and wrote a short story. You can see all of them in order and read their stories, beginning with the first, here.

I am lucky enough to be able to travel fairly regularly with my family. This Easter I put together a little suitcase of materials for doll-making; a travelling workshop in miniature. You can read more about what went into my little case here.